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Homeland HCWS Espresso Water Filter

Homeland HCWS Espresso Water Filter



HCWS Espresso Water Filter

Homeland filters are the next evolution in filtering. They are designed to NSF standards specifically for the OCS, Vending and Water Industries. Taking the guess work out of Water Filtration it simply comes down to two objectives: Clean, safe, good tasting water and equipment protection.


HCWS Espresso Water Filter helps to reduce or remove:

Lime Scale Inhibition

Chlorine Taste and Odor

KDF Scale and Slime Inhibition

Bacteriostatic Control

10 Micron

1.5 GPM

1,000 Gallons

3 1/2" X 15"

Replaces Everpure 7SO

All Homeland Filters fit Homeland Heads and Everpure Heads

                                        * Homeland Filters are made in the USA!*

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