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Hanna TDS-1 1-999 PPM 10 PPM Resolution Pocket TDS Meter

Hanna TDS-1 1-999 PPM 10 PPM Resolution Pocket TDS Meter

Item SKU: TDS-1


Hanna TDS-1 1-999 PPM 10 PPM Resolution Pocket TDS Meter

Housed in a pocket sized ABS case, this electronic Total Dissolved Solids tester is very durable. It is the ideal meter for hydroponics, fish farming, agriculture, plating and water purification applications. TDS 1 is supplied complete with protective cap, calibration screwdriver and 4 x 1.4V batteries and storage case.

Quick and accurate readings with automatic temperature compensation

Water contains a variety of minerals and salts such as carbonates, bicarbonates, chlorides and nitrate. TDS is the parameter that measures the total sum of all of these compounds.

TDS-1 is a simple and affordable tester for TDS measurements. Due to its internal sensor, TDS measurements are automatically compensated for temperature variations. Calibration can be performed in one point with a trimmer.

Light and small, TDS-1 is an ideal pocket meter to perform quick TDS measurements.

Question & Answers

Q Is this meter good to test ppm of colloidal silver?
A Yes your answer was helpful but I'm not sure how to read the results after looking at the manual. They are not shown as ppm.
A As calibrated from the factory the TDS meters will normally read only about one half the PPM of ionic silver that the PWT meter will read. Most of the TDS instruments have ranges of 0-999 PPM or 0-1999 with 2% accuracy of full scale. That means the unit can be off by as much as 20 or 40 PPM at the low OR high end of the range or at any reading. If you are trying to measure colloidal silver at the 5-15 PPM range, it is obvious that a 20 or 40 PPM possible error is not acceptable especially if the reading is only half the actual amount of silver in the water. The PWT will not be off more than 2 PPM so you can see how much more accurate it is. The PWT meter is the only meter that works at the accuracy and range desired to measure Colloidal Silver (CS).
Q Why did you choose this?
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