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Hanna HI98353 Distwp-3 1-1999 µS/CM 1 µS/CM Resolution Pocket Conductivity Meter

Hanna HI98353 Distwp-3 1-1999 µS/CM 1 µS/CM Resolution Pocket Conductivity Meter

Item SKU: HI98353

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The new and improved measuring DiST Waterproof provides 10 times better resolution.
Installed in a waterproof IP67 ABS cap, this pocket conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS) meter offers great protection against dust and humidity both indoor and outdoor applications.
Ideal for agriculture, plating or any place where the humidity is high.
In the TDS range, there are two different gauges:
DiSTWP1 with a range of 1999 ppm (ratio between conductivity and TDS factory calibrated at 0.5 [value of CaC O 3]) is suitable for low TDS measures the cooling towers.
DiSTWP2 with a range of 10.00 ppt (or 10000 ppm) is perfect for HVAC applications.
To improve the resolution it also offers two more:
DiSTWP3 with a range of 1999 uS / cm, is perfect for swimming and drinking water control.
DiSTWP4 with a range of 19.99 mS / cm is ideal for higher concentrations such as agriculture and water treatment plants.

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