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H2O International US4-13 Under Sink Filter System  - NSA 100S Replacement

H2O International US4-13 Under Sink Filter System - NSA 100S Replacement

Item SKU: US4-13

MFG ID: US4-13 | UPC:

H2O International US4-13 Under Sink Model Water Filter with 3/8 inch Quick-Connect Fitting

The H2O International US4-13 Under Sink Model Water Filter with 3/8 inch Quick-Connect Fitting connects inline with your existing sink faucet and flows at 2 gallons per minute, so there is usually no change in flow. Its US4-13 technology removes lead and chemical contaminants thereby making the water safe to drink.

The H2O US4-13 will replace the NSA 100S and NSA 100X water filters which have been discontinued. The US4-13 water filter also uses the same tubing and the fittings as the NSA models.


  • Certified Water Specialists are on staff and available
  • Warranted for 3 years of maintenance free performance
  • Comes complete with tubing, fittings and instructions
  • Bacteriostatic: Prevents Bacteria Growth within the unit
  • Intended for use on municipally treated water
  • Do not use on microbiologially unsafe water supplies
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Max Capacity: 25,000 gallons
  • Dimensions: 14" (H) × 5" (D)
  • Recommended Flow: 1 - 2 GPM
  • Unit Shipping Weight: 8.2 lb

Question & Answers

Q Can I use this for a inline filter to my Refrigerator water?
A yes, that is the only line we use it for
A Yesd you can and you would still need to run it through the refrigerator filter. That should cause that filter to last longer. In addition, I have it to the Cold water line in the sink and a hot water dispenser. It just takes the proper fitting to divert the water where needed.
A You might be able to use adapters to reduce the line size, but it is really designed to use as the cold water side of your kitchen sink. It is meant for high volume, high flow from a faucet. With this filter, I'm good for years. You're much better off using an inline refrigerator filter designed for that purpose.
Q does it only last 3 years?
A I change it every 3 years . By the time 3 years pass you may notice water pressure slows down a little so I figure it's ready. Depending on your water quality before it gets to the filter you MAY have to change it before that 3 years. It's easy to change. I am satisfied with this unit and think it does a great job.
Q about how long do these filters last? i know the answer varies with water usage but approximately...
A This filters up to 25,000 gallons of water but as you can see from other consumers it can vary greatly based on usage
A I replace mine when I can taste a difference in the water compared to my filtered water from my refrigerator...about every 3 years so far. I have it on the cold water side of me kitchen sink. I like the product...easy to install and tuck away in the corner.
A With 2 people in the house they should last 7 or 8 years. I am ant sure what the official rating is. I try and change mine every 8 years or so.
Q Is this a KDF/GAC unit? I'm on my 4th of this style; it isn't specifically stated here so I thought that I'd ask to make sure that nothing has changed.
A It is. I have used this particular brand of filter for my under the counter filter for the last 5 years. It removes odors and particulates. I have a well and an ultra violet (ozone) system to kill bacteria. My water has all kinds of minerals and metals in it but this filter works as promised and has removed them. My water is odorless and tastes as good as the so called "spring" water bottles you buy in the store. As a matter of fact it is time for me to order a new one.
Q Does this come with a hookup kit?. I don't currently have a system.
A Joan , It is a replacement filter to connect to an existing system that uses this type filter. It comes only with the filter and enough plastic water hose to replace an old (existing)filter. If you don't already have a water filter system you will need to put in a faucet and hose to connect to the outlet of the filter and a T connection to your water line that will connect to incoming side of the filter. In other words you will need more than just this filter for a complete system. I hope this helps you.
A Yes. It. Came with everything I needed to install it. Just follow the simple instructions.
A Yes this comes with an installation kit. Tubing, brass fittings, John Guest fittings and compression washers. I recommend purchasing a sentiment filter along with the US4-14. I hope my answer is helpful.
A This filter came with fittings, tubing, and instructions when purchased approximately two years ago. I have it connected to our refrigerator ice/maker water delivery system.
Q Do you ship to Canada?
A Shipping costs are calculated at the time of Checkout process. It depends on the location and what items and quantities are being purchased. Once you have added your items to the cart you will need to click on the International Customers tab which will bring you to the Bongo International shipping link. Shipping costs will be calculated at that time.
Q Why did you choose this?
A no reason
A was very satisfied with nsa products
A direct replacement for existing filter after 3 years of service.
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