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GE GXULQ Kitchen or Bath Filtration System
GXULQ GE Kitchen or Bath Water Filter System

GE GXULQ Kitchen or Bath Filtration System


MFG ID: GXULQ | UPC: 084691157472

The GE GXULQ Kitchen or Bath Filtration System is based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers outstanding performance. It is easy to install and operate and provides healthy and with reduced chlorine, sediment and turbidity water.
  • Reduces contaminants such as chlorine: taste and odor from the cold water supply
  • Fits under most kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Designed for the sink's existing faucet-no drilling or additional faucet required
  • Includes GE Twist and Lock filter for tool-free filter change

Question & Answers

Q How do I replace filter?...Tough to reach under kitchen sink...It states twist and lock...No directions with replacement filter.
A TO REMOVE FILTER: • Turn filter 1/4 turn to the left. The top surface of the filter will move away from the bottom of the head. Pull the filter down to remove. FILTER CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT TO REPLACE FILTER: Push filter into the filter head/bracket. Turn filter 1/4 turn to the right until it stops. The top surface of the filter will be flush with the bottom of the filter head/bracket when fully installed. NOTE: When correctly installed, the label will face out. Turn on the cold water faucet to flush the filter for 5 minutes to remove air. Change the batteries in the timer. NOTE: Remove the water in the line to minimize the water released during filter cartridge replacement. Turn off the cold water supply valve and turn on the faucet for 5 seconds.
Q Will this filter hot water in a shower? It specifically says cold, so just wondering. Thanks!
A This system is for under sink only on the cold water line.
Q Why did you choose this?
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