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GE FreshSaver GFSFR02 Filter - Two Pack
GFSFR02 GE FreshSaver Refrigerator Air Filter

GE FreshSaver GFSFR02 Filter - Two Pack



The GE FreshSaver GFSFR02 Filter - Two Pack can be used in any refrigerator. It helps fruits and vegetables to stay fresh longer by absorbing some of the ethylene gasses emitted by the food. It contains potassium permanganate which helps remove the ethylene gas emitted by certain fruits and vegetables which can speed up the food deterioration process.

Question & Answers

Q how often should a freshsaver be replaced?
A My GE Refrigerator has a light indicating when the filter should be replaced. My filter usually lasts 6-8 months before needing to be replaced.
A It is based upon the type of foods in the refer and how much odor they produce. I change mine every 4 months
Q Why did you choose this?
A I have GE Refrig and this item works wonderful. Buying regularly
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