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RO Faucet Airgap Adapters

Cross-contamination between filthy drain water and clean drinking water is something home owners want to avoid. Chances for cross-contamination are high in plumbing systems that are not equipped with sufficient backflow prevention devices. For this reason, various backflow prevention assemblies were developed to keep this from happening. Among all the assemblies that were developed to counteract backflow, the installation of faucet air gap adapters in plumbing systems is an effective and inexpensive method.

Faucet air gap adapters are integrated within an assembly to filter water and prevent cross contamination. Hence, several countries from all over the world have adopted the faucet air gap system making it a standard in most plumbing codes. One way to know if your system is compatible with a faucet air gap system to check to see if your faucet has three tubes. Each tube serves a different purpose. One is used for upward drain water. The second one is for the downward drain water, while the last one is mainly for drinking water.

Basically, using faucet air gap adapters is as easy as 1-2-3 and provides many health benefits. Drinking unfiltered water can mean that a great deal of contaminants are being consumed on a daily basis putting us at risk for a number of potential health problems. Use a reverse osmosis water filtration system to keep the water that you and your family will be drinking clean and free of contaminants.

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