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FXSVC GE SmartWater Replacement Water Filter (2 Pack)
GE FXSVC SmartWater Drinking Water Filter Refill Set

FXSVC GE SmartWater Replacement Water Filter (2 Pack)


MFG ID: FXSVC | UPC: 084691790921

The FXSVC GE SmartWater Replacement Water Filter (2 Pack) is a dual-stage under-sink filter that comes with one sediment pre-filter and one carbon block post-filter. With its long filter life, it makes a valuable addition to the water filter system.
  • GE Part Number: FXSVC
  • Filter Life: 6 months months
  • Capacity: 600 gallons gallons
  • Micron Rating: 1 micron 
  • Filter Type: Carbon Block (pre-filter), Granular Carbon (main filter)
  • Actual Size: 9 3/4 inches (length) x 2 1/2 inches (diameter)

Compatible with the following:
  • Ace Hardware - 4065124, 48167, 49640
  • American Plumber - W-250, W250, W5CIP
  • Ametek - CC10/D20, D-40, D-30, C1, C1-10C
  • Crystal Quest - CQ-R5
  • Culligan - FXSVC, 175837, D40, D-25, SY-2500, US-1500, SY-2650, SY-2000, D-250
  • Flotec - FPWF-TO2, LC1, TO2
  • GE - PS220404, 084691790921, FXSLC, GXSL03.1, GXUTO3B, GXUT03A, GNSL05CBL, GXSL03C, GNSV30CCC, GNSV30CWW, GNSV25CBL
  • Kenmore - 34372
  • OmniFilter - CB3, CB1
  • Pentek - C1, PTK-C1-155002, 155001-43, P-250, US-1000, US-1500
  • Pollenex - FWP39
  • Sears - 34372, 34377, 34375
  • Waterpik - IR10
Removes the Following Contaminants: 
  • 97.00% of Chlorine
  • 98.00% of Lead
  • 90.00% of Mercury
  • 99.00% of Asbestos
  • 99.99% of Cysts
  • 99.00% of VOC's
  • 96.00% of MTBE
  • 99.00% of Turbidity
  • *The FXSVC does not remove fluoride

Question & Answers

Q I have this kind of filter but I'm getting little amount of water when I open?
A A couple of things could be causing this problem. If it has been a long length of time between changes the new filter will clog faster causing the flow rate to slow. If new construction has started in the area it dredges up dirt and particles in the water systems.
Q My filter unit says replacement: GE FXSLC (Rev 2). Has that been replaced with GE FXSVC?
A Yes. GE has discontinued the FXSLC and replaced with the FXSVC.
Q IS THIS A REPLACEMENT FOR #FXSLC or is this number obsolete?
A Thank you Diane. My unit is a GXSL03C (Rev 2) These guys don't have the FXSLC filters as I keep coming back to page with the FXSVC filters. I almost made an expensive mistake. thank you, John.
A This is a replacement for GE model GXSV10C that uses this FXSVC. if your model is the GE GXSL03C it uses the FXSLC and these cartridges will not fit.
A The FXSVC now replaces the FXSLC.
A This is the direct replacement refill set for the #FXSLC.
A It didn't start out as a replacement, just a higher quality filter option that fit the same dual state units. The FXSLC has now been discontinued so this FXSVC is the recommended one to buy for those water filter units.
Q Which of the two filters goes in the first housing? The green or the gray?
A The gray filter goes first and the green goes second.
A My GE Water filter calls for filter FXSVC (Rev 2). Is that still available?
A Unsrew the canister and drop in the new cartridges.
Q Why did you choose this?
A It matched the system in our motorhome
A Used these before, work great
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