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Emerson Bestair ES12 Humidifier Filter

Emerson Bestair ES12 Humidifier Filter



This is a 4 pack of "Compatible" Emerson ES12 Humidifier Wick Filters. These wick filters are compatible filters made by BestAir which will fit many compatible humidifiers including Emerson, Sears, Kenmore, and other models. They are compatible replacements for the Emerson HDC-12 filters.

These Emerson ES-12 humidifier filter replacements are reinforced for extended life and efficiency. They have also been treated with micro-free antimicrobial treatment to help protect them from overgrowth of mold, fungus, algae, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. Each filter measures approximately 9 1/4" x 6 1/8" x 2 3/8".

The most common models these wick humidifier filters replace are Emerson humidifier models HD1100, 1102, 1200, 1202, 1204, 1212, 1300, 14452, 14453, and HDC-12 (see full list below).

Other humidifier models which these compatible filters work with include:

Emerson MoistAir Humidifiers: HD-230, HD-1100, HD-1102, HD-1200, HD-1202, HD-1202C, HD-1202C1C, HD-1204, HD-1212, HD-1300, HD-1300W, HD-1301, HD-1303, HD-1305, HD-1405, HD-1406, HD-12001, HD-12020, HD-120020, HD-12040, HD-12041, HD-13000, HD-130000, HD-13002, HD-13003, HD-13030, HC-13030, HD-13050, HD-14050, HD-14060

Sears Kenmore Humidifiers: Quiet Comfort 12 gallon models 14415, 14417, 14452, 14453, 14454, 14911, 144150, 144151, 144170, 144521, 144522, 144523, 144530, 144531, 144532, 144533, 42.14452, 42.14453, 42.14454, 758.14452, 758.144150, 758.144151, 758.144170, 758.144521, 758.144522, 758.144523, 758.144530, 758.144531, 758.144532, 758.144533, 758.154140, 758.299751C, 758.299870C (14911, 42.14911, 9.14911)

Question & Answers

Q Why did you choose this?
A there is no other option-they are poor substitutes for the filters we always used but as with so many things related to shopping at SEARS-marketing and saving Sears money is more important to the store than taking care of customers who have their products
A they are the best
A price
A Cannot find filters of this size in Canada
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