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Clearwater CD200 Ozone Generators System

Clearwater CD200 Ozone Generators System

Item SKU: CD200

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Clearwater CD200 Ozone Generators System

The Clearwater CD200 Ozone Generators System uses corona discharge (CD) technology to provide superior ozone performance in a compact size. With features such as fully adjustable output and low energy requirements, it makes a valuable addition to your place. This system is designed for ozone bubble infusion applications.


  • The uses for these versatile ozone generators are unlimited.
  • Typical applications include laundry facilities
  • Residential spas
  • Ornamental water features
  • Small aquariums
  • Water vending machines and water store recirculation systems
  • The Microzone 300 is a CD ozone generator with fully adjustable output.
  • Operates efficiently using ambient air as the feed gas.
  • Use with an OAS-7 or PRO10 for either pressure or vacuum applications.


  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 5.875
    • Width: 5.325
    • Depth: 2.0
    • Weight: 2.0 lbs
  • 30 watt power 300mg per hour ozone output at 5 SCFH.

Question & Answers

Q I would like to use this for our aquaponics setup, however, it appears i also need additional equipment (air filters, air dryers etc) can you please tell me what else i need and where to find it?
A You will really need to contact the manufacturer directly for more information. They can be reached at 800.262.0203
Q Hi there... I've been searching for a reasonably priced unit capable of making high quality ozonated olive oil... would this unit fill the bill and what accessories would be needed for this application? Dave
A Dave, We could not even begin to tell you if this would work for making Ozonated olive oil. We only know these to be used in strictly water situations. However, you could contact Clearwater's Tech Support at Toll Free Phone: 800.262.0203. They could possibly tell you if it will work and what you would need.
Q I use well water for irrigation. The water has a high iron content that I filter with a large green sand filter to remove the iron. It will not remove all of the iron. However, I had a home with well water and had installed a filtration system to remove the iron in that well water that worked great (removed all the iron) but it injected ozone onto the water before the filter thus putting more iron into particulates that were all filtered out by the filter. Can I use this system to inject ozone in my current system? If so, what elese do I need to inject the ozone into the feed line before the filter?
A This link should have all your answers and concerns with what you are trying to accomplish. We think you will find it very helpful. http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/rulesregs/sdwa/mdbp/upload/2001_01_12_mdbp_alter_chapt_3.pdf
Q Is this a good unit for cleaning produce of chemicals and pathogens? Have your studies shown that using ozone really works in eliminating pesticides from fruits and veggies? Also, does this require any special wiring, I can't see if it have a wall plug on it. Thanks.
A This system will not meet the needs that you are wanting to use it for. Rather, you need a "Clean in Place" type of system more along the lines of commercial use. There is a Clearwater CIP800 system would be the ideal system for your application. It is a complete wall mount system but will require some wiring. The CIP800 will eliminate the chemicals and pathogens from produce where as the CD200 system will not. However, we do not sell the CIP800 system. For more information on this system, click on the link below: http://www.cwtozone.com/uploads/SalesDocs/Product%20Sales%20Sheets/CIP800/CIP800_SurfaceSanitation.pdf
Q Is this better than ultra violet? My wife is a cancer survivor and I am concerned about everything in our drinking water. Our well is about 140' with a new well pump. I also would like to know how to get iron, etc... out. Also what would be the correct size for two people, two bath with occasional guests? Thanks Greg
A You may want to contact the MFG directly at http://www.cwtozone.com/. I do not have the information that you are asking for since these are not normal questions that are asked of us.
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