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Bionaire BWF100 Humidifier Filter - 6 Pack

Bionaire BWF100 Humidifier Filter - 6 Pack



The Bionaire BWF100 R is a "Compatible" replacement filter for the following humidifier models:

Bionaire BCM-630, BCM-645, BCM-4600, BCM-5520, BCM-5520RC, BCM-5521, BCM-6000, BCM-6010RC, BCM-7203, BCM-7203RC, BCM-7204, BCM-7207, BCM-7305RC, BCM-7305RCB, BCM-7308 BWF100

The Bionaire BWF100 Humidifier Wick Filter 6-Pack is a replacement pack of humidifier filters compatible for use with several humidifier models from Bionaire and Holmes. . They feature antimicrobial treatment to reduce mineral pollutants in the tank. With the BWF100, your humidifier will stay clean and free of debris. Using the bwf100 can maximize the usage, life, and overall positive effects of using these models of humidifiers.

Question & Answers

Q I have 2 Bionaire Model BCM646. Will these filters work? They are not on the list.
A My unit needs three filters and can you suggest a brand name
A I have a bionaire cool mist humidifier that ususes a bcm 7303 filter. I cannot find a filter for it what is compatible
A Yes, they definitely work. New, they are are very much like a new, flat dry sponge. You bend them slightly to conform to the curve of the unit andslide them down into place. You then push them with mild effort downwards slightly so the covers sets down tightly. As soon as the water hits them they conform permanently. They do not have the aluminum backing that the ones that came with the unit but no matter. My filter gauge dropped into the low green zone after a few minutes.
A These will work in your model. The filters are 8" x 5" x 1". Your model requires 2 filters per change.
Q how many filters needed bcm 658 or can you just wash them??
A Useful. Do you sell 8" X 8" X 1.5" filters too? (Hilbert on Sadie's computer)
A I have bcm 7204 - this model takes 2 filters. I never have washed them, I use new filter every year.
A Your specific model BCM658 requires (2)- 8x5x1 filters per change. These are meant to be disposable in which most cases a set of filters will last one season.
A I have a Sunbeam 7809 and it takes two filters, I think that most humidifiers take two filters I have hear that some people wash the filters in water and vinegar, but I just change out the filters
Q About how often would you recommend that these filters be changed?
A Depends how much ambient dust there is. Check the air intake vents on the bottom sides of the unit and clean as necessary. Also, how hard your water is. The vent meter is a good indicator as to the condition of the filter. One set per season is a good average estimate.
A The unit I have has a filter gauge that tells me when the filter needs replaced ,usually once a season
A We use our humidifier only for the winter months (during the heating season) and go through 2 sets - one set when we begin the season, then change them out 1/2-way through the season.
A I change mine once a saeson..
Q Why did you choose this?
A best price
A lowest price
A Value
A you need to replace your filters periodically.
A price
A have used before - good quality, great price
A Compatible with Holmes HWF100. Fair price!
A price
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