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Big-Bubba BBH-150 High Flow Industrial Polypropylene Filter Housing

Big-Bubba BBH-150 High Flow Industrial Polypropylene Filter Housing

Item SKU: BBH-150

MFG ID: BBH-150 | UPC:

Big-Bubba BBH-150 High Flow Industrial Polypropylene Filter Housing

Rugged construction
Big-Bubba filter housings are made of rugged, glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust, or dent. And because all wetted surfaces are non-metallic, they are ideal when chemical compatibility is an issue and for sea water applications.


  • Commercial filtration
  • Industrial filtration
  • Pre-filtration for RO equipment
  • Community water systems
  • Sea water applications due to their non-corrosive construction
  • Replacement for bag filters for more filter area
  • Replacement for multiple cartridge filters for greater convenience

Low Pressure Drop
Big-Bubba filter housings are designed to minimize pressure drop, by using 2" pipe fittings and a large diameter center tubes for Big-Bubba filter cartridges.125 PSI

Proprietary Cartridges
We offer a full line of replacement cartridges for Big-Bubba filters, all with double o-ring seals for superior performance. Cartridges are easy to install, easy to service and easy to replace.

Low cost
Big-Bubba filters are an economical replacement for stainless steel filtration equipment because of their non-metallic construction and today's high cost of stainless steel

Double o-rings
For superior sealing.

Two Outlets
Big-Bubba filters have two outlets on opposite sides to allow more flexibility with piping configurations. Filter may be installed in-line or piping may come from the same direction. A plug is provided for the outlet, not used.

E-Z change out

  • Remove swing bolts.
  • Remove lid.
  • Rotate cartridge 1/4 turn and pull-up.

Question & Answers

Q what pressure rating?
A This has a pressure rating of 125 PSI.
Q What is the gpm and what is the smallest size particle removed by this filter?
A This has 150 GPM and the smallest filter would be a BBC-150-P1A – this is a 1 micron absolute. That is a 99.997% rating. If you get a filter that is not an absolute it is considered a nominal rating and it is 85% rated.
Q Why did you choose this?
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