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5 Micron Sediment Filter Cartridge 4.5 x 10

5 Micron Sediment Filter Cartridge 4.5 x 10

Item SKU: SDC-45-1005


5 Micron Sediment Fitler Cartridge 4.5x10

Micron Rating: 5 MICRON

This 4.5” diameter SF-BB filter has true multi-stage depth filtration integrated into their design. Utilizing PureGen technology to create 4 separate layers of micron filtration, the outside-in flow of this 5 micron sediment filter allows the outer layer to trap the larger sized particles, resulting in a much lower pressure drop compared to conventional filters. Trapping various sized particles layer by layer, the SF-BB Series filters, including this 5 micron sediment filter, provide a much higher dirt holding capacity than the standard spun polypropylene and string wound cartridges. Consequently, the 5 micron sediment filter is an excellent choice for those who want to remove most dirt from the flow.  This filter reduces silt, sediment, sand, and rust.

Compatible with the following:
  • Aqua-Pure AP-814
  • American Plumber - 155357, 155357-51, 155357-43, C155357-43, DGD-5005, SDF-45-1005,
  • Culligan - 155357, 155357-43, 155357-51, CW5-BBS
  • Everpure - DEV9108-44, EV9108-44, EV9108-37, EC104, EV910844
  • FlowPro - LD-05-10
  • GE - LD-05-10
  • Hydronix - P5-10BB-WF
  • LiquiTec - SDF-45-1005
  • Pentek - WPBB97P, WPX5BB97P, 155357-43, DGD-5005, 051678357439, 155184
  • Shurflo - 15-052-01, 15-054-01
  • Waterfilters.net - 689466299458
  • Watts - FPMB-BB5-10
  • Whirlpool - WHKF-DWHBB

Question & Answers

Q does anyone know if this filter will work with the pelican whole house system...?? My current filter is 10" x 4.5" 5 microns poly spun
A I have purchased and installed this filter in our pelican system and it functions fine, although the system itself has not provided a solution for our hard water deposits- no fault of this filter
A Yes it will fit
Q What is the GPM water flow rate? Thanks
A I,m not sure about the flow rate but i have a lot or sediment and rust color in my well and this filter seems to work the best of all the filters i have tried the # is Pentek DGD 5005 and this filter has a good flow rate
Q is this a replacement for AP810?
A Yes this will be a direct replacement for the AP810 at a fraction of the cost.
Q I am wondering if this is compatible with Excel Pure SWBB105 Polypropylene String Wound BB Sediment Cartridge?
A Yes, it would be. It is the same size and same micron rating.
Q can it replace a American Plumber W5CPHD pleated cellulose?
A Yes, you could use this as a replacment. It is the same size, same micron rating, and is a sediment cartridge.
Q does this replace the whirl pool filter WHKF-GD25BB?
A Lora I don't know if it replaces that model. I bought these filters for a 1" inlet /outlet pipe size filter housing. It was a GE MODEL GXWH40. I think most of these filters are a standard size base on pipe size, 3/4 or 1" are the most comon. Good luck
A It is not an exact replacement. The exact replacement is the GE FXHSC filter. It will work in the system but whereas the GE FXHSC is a 30 micron filter, the SDC-45-1005 filter is a 5 micron. The difference is that the 5 micron will trap more sediment, but you would also lose some flow rate due to that.
Q Why did you choose this?
A smaller particle size for filtration and a better price than the local store.
A Excellent price. Love the flat rate shipping.
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