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3US-PS01 Filtrete Under Sink Filter System
3US-PS01 Filtrete Undersink Filter System

3US-PS01 Filtrete Under Sink Filter System

Item SKU: 3US-PS01

MFG ID: 3US-PS01 | UPC: 051131999787

The Filtrete 3US-PS01 Under Sink Water Filter System is a high-quality kit that hooks up under the sink to provide clean water without taking up valuable counter top space or becoming an eyesore. By installing an under sink filter you can ensure that the water you use for cooking, washing dishes, and drinking is as uncontaminated and as safe to use or drink as possible.

Features included in the Filtrete 3US-PS01 Under Sink Water Filter System include:

  • Professional filtration
  • Under sink filter provides users with a healthier water version
  • Installs easily under sink
  • Filters from cold water outlet
  • 0.5 micron removal
  • Reduces sand, soil, silt, rust and sediment; chlorine taste and odor; parasitic cysts
  • NSF/ANSI standard 42 and 53 certified
  • Quick, no mess filter change
  • Six month/2000 gallon filter life

Under sink filter kit includes: filter head and bracket, filter cartridge, 3/8" x 5 ft tubing, 3/8" x 1/2" faucet adapter, 3/8" ferrule, compression nut and tube insert and mounting screws.

Question & Answers

Q how do you replace the filture. where do you turn of the water to the filture?
A Install filter into filter head by inserting and turning 1/4 turn to the right until it stops. Turn on cold water supply and open faucet to flush air from the system. (About 5 minutes) You will need to turn off the water at the control valve.
Q Does this filter remove lead?
A This filter removes the following contaminants: 78% of Chlorine 78% of Bad Taste and Odor Sediment Sand Soil Silt Rust Does not remove fluoride
A I really don't know if this system filters lead but since I switched to this filter, I haven't seen any calcium built up in my hot water boiler. I had tried many different brand of filter systems but this is the only one I couldn't tell the different between bottled water. Hope this help.
Q Why did you choose this?
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